Residential Development, The Peak

1100sqm | Hong Kong

The site is located in a Green Belt zone, in an area which is extremely sensitive to new development. The landscape design sought to create a sequence of outdoor rooms, incorporating a hierarchy of use and space, take advantage of views and blur the distinction between the interior and exterior spaces. These spaces were envisaged as a stage for the social activities of the house.

As part of our scope SCENIC constructed a detailed 3-D model showing the existing landform, surrounding development and the height and location of the trees at the periphery of the site. This understanding of the site enabled us to have a key role in shaping the architectural scheme including defining the site boundary to preserve rare and protected trees, and preserve a landscape buffer to screen the stilted sub-structure below the platform; forming the shape and the level of the landscape deck to integrate the development with the existing landform. The landscape design adopted a series of gardens for the roof and vertical greening on the visible sections of the building façade to reduce its visual prominence.