Mixed-use Development, Kwai Chung

15,143 m2 | Hong Kong

SCENIC were commissioned to undertake the landscape and urban design aspects for the proposed development in “Comprehensive Development Area” zone at KCTL 432, Kwai Chung. The project involved the redevelopment of a former industrial site for residential and commercial use. Through a massing study SCENIC were able to influence the form and disposition of the proposed architectural scheme to minimise visual impacts while creating a permeable development with a large, fully accessible central open space. The landscape design sought to create a vibrant commercial and F&B space at the ground floor with private residential and commercial spaces on the floors above. The massing studies and subsequent visual impact assessments also allowed the developer to discuss a relaxation in the BHR and GFA with the government. SCENIC also prepared materials for a Judicial Review of the planning parameters and the zoning under the OZP.