Park Design, Kowloon Bay

7150sqm | Hong Kong

The landscape design concept for this proposed park utilises an area of land previously functioning as a storage depot as an open space, a place for play, imagination and personal development; a communal space and a place for contemplation. The design of the park recognises that exercise, play and communing with nature are essential to our health and development; and that informal sports and recreation are important aspects of communities. The programme includes an educational component with study groups for children, community art projects and training for future careers in landscape maintenance.

The park forms a series settings with a spatial hierarchy extending from a main central open space and radiating out to more intimate peripheral spaces. The design incorporates a sequence of landscape tableau creating an almost cinematic experience as recreational users move through the park. The design is underpinned by a concern for sustainability through the preservation of existing trees, use of native species; capture of rain water and extensive use of recycled materials. The park design will transform the existing concrete yard into a vibrant community asset with a range of active and passive recreational opportunities.