Residential Development, Lam Tei

1760sqm | Hong Kong

The proposed development occupies a site shaped by significant physical and environmental constraints and government concerns over the potential landscape and visual impacts. SCENIC were able to develop a landscape and urban design approach which responded to the contextual challenges which served to integrate the proposals within their future landscape and visual context; provide a synthesis between the proposed architecture and its landscape setting; and provide a high quality living environment for the future residents. SCENIC were also able to demonstrate the appropriateness of the architectural scheme from a visual and urban design perspective.

The proposed landscape has a number of key components which include the creation of landscape buffer to surrounding roads and railways, the creation of attractive pedestrian access/arrival landscape; the consideration of views and vistas between interior spaces and external areas. The proposals create a series of interconnected outdoor rooms for the use of the residents whilst also maximising the planting of trees and shrubs. These spaces include areas for all age groups and range from active play areas to more tranquil spaces for personnel quietude.