Zaryadye Park Competition

6 hectares | Moscow

SCENIC formed part of an international team of consultants for the creation of a major new public open space at the heart of Moscow. The design challenge involved the response to the multiple layers of historical, geographical, cultural significance within the site; while being able to distil the essence of the site to form a contemporary, creative and compelling vision for the future space and creating a fitting addition to Moscow’s rich city fabric.

The approach looked to the surrounding city character as inspiration for the development of core landscape features of the park. The park design would have explored a range of emotions linked to spatial experience, from the panoramic awe of the city skyline and impressive vistas to, the intimacy and familiarity of historic buildings. The natural realm combined a joyful contemporary landscape featuring theatrically inspired concepts centred on dance and exuberant colours and forms which reflect the spirit of this part of the city and impart a musical-like rhythmicity to the park experience. The design also looked to functionality ensuring connectivity and the sensitive integration with the surroundings as a means of developing a meaningful park circulation system.